TANF Youth Services

Pechanga Tribal TANF is a service provider and advocate for American Indian youth, parents, and families. Our purpose is to empower and support the physical, behavioral and spiritual well-being of Pechanga tribal children and all American Indian youth who live on the Pechanga Indian Reservation, and within the off reservation areas of Orange County and Riverside County by providing holistic integrated services that focus on all age groups and incorporate Pechanga Luiseño culture and traditions.  


The PTTP Youth and Teen Activities are comprised of after-school and weekend activities and events, in collaboration with the Pechanga Youth Department, Recreation Center and the Scholarship Department.

Our program goals are to help young People:

  • Increase their educational and academic development opportunities.
  • Preserve their culture and traditions through activities, field trips, and art.
  • Develop positive self-esteem, confidence, job skills, and leadership skills.
  • Build bridges to career opportunities and skills through job placement.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle habits through sports and outdoor activities.
  • Increase awareness and prevention of teen pregnancy, STDs, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse.


All activities are open to all eligible American Indian students between 6 to 19 years of age. Activities are provided in an environment in which youth can engage in activities with their peers and obtain support, information and resources.

Homework Club and Tutorial Services

  • Group Tutoring & Individual Homework Assistance
  • August through June / Monday-Thursday 2:30pm to 6:00pm

Bridges 2 Success & Higher Education

  • College tours, Spring Break and Winter Breaks
  • SAT test prep, personal statement, and financial awareness workshops
  • Assistance with the college application process, FAFSA and financial aid

Youth Leadership & Wellness

  • Educational & Cultural Field Trips (D.T.I., U.N.I.T.Y. and N.C.A.I.)
  • Journey 2 Wellness Clinics, focusing on Wellness, Culture & Education
  • Summer activities focused on culture, leadership, tribal government, and community service

Family & Student Advocacy

  • Attend IEP and other school meetings
  • Communicate with school and district personnel
  • Serve as mentors and role models to students
  • Develop individualized education plan to increase student success