When Relatives Care for Children

Sometimes children are placed in the care of relatives because they cannot stay at home with their parents for whatever reasons. If you are a non-needy relative caregivers who has taken in a child informally and has been designated as having temporary guardianship/custody of the child (by agreement with the parent, Pechanga Children & Family Services or Tribal court) until the biological or custodial parent is able to care for the child: the child is eligible to receive TANF funded assistance and/or services as a “child only” case as long as they are residing with the designated custodial relative caretaker on a temporary basis.

The Pechanga Tribal TANF program offers relative caregivers of dependent children a new option for providing a home to these children. It is our intent that this program be utilized to enhance family preservation and stability in safe and stable placement with relatives.


A relative caregiver is a relative who exercises responsibility for the day to day care and control of a related child with the duty of providing care and management of the minor child (child under age 18);. This includes Siblings, Aunts, Uncles Grandparents, Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews.


Pechanga Tribal TANF will determine if you are eligible for a child only case. The following are the minimum requirements for eligibility*:

  1. Head of Household must reside on the Pechanga Indian Reservation or reside in the off reservation areas of Orange County and Riverside County.
  2. The child is under 18 years old and is not in foster care.
  3. You are related to the child by blood or marriage.
  4. The child’s biological parent is not residing in the home.
  5. The adult has a temporary custodial relationship with the child.