A: You must be able to obtain verification from your tribe or the local BIA office that proves your Native American lineage.

A: Your first step is to contact the nearest Tribal TANF office in order to determine eligibility.
A: To qualify for Tribal TANF, you must live on the Pechanga Indian Reservation or in the Orange County service area.
A: Yes, even if you are working, you may qualify for Tribal TANF services and assistance.
A: Yes, we encourage education.


A: Yes. We will have you submit a notarized form from the parents that lists you as temporary guardian.
A: You can receive Tribal TANF while you are waiting for foster care monies to start, or you can choose Tribal TANF and not receive assistance from the county.
A: No. Guardians who are deemed self-sufficient will only receive services for the children in their care. Therefore, they are not required to complete work or education hours.