Pechanga Tribal Nation


The Pechanga way starts with our Luiseño culture.
Our customs, traditions, language, relation to our homeland, self-determination and vitality comprise
who we are today.

Thanks to the economic support from the Pechanga business enterprises, we are strengthening our traditions and ensuring the vitality of our culture for generations to come. Our dedicated Cultural Committee is responsible for implementing many programs valuable to our tribal members and our children. Our new Cultural Center bustles with activity. Here, reservation children receive after-school instruction. Children of all ages and their families participate in recreational activities at the fully staffed Pechanga Youth Center. Important resource preservation efforts such as our Monitor Program thrive and provide models of success for other tribes.

Inside our culture are the stories, lessons and worldviews that make us unique. At Pechanga, we share our stories and our vision for the future among one another by preserving and using our native language. Our ethnobotanical practice takes root in our nursery. Cultural artifacts are on display in the Cultural Center and the Government Center and knowledge of our traditional skills is practiced by tribal members at our outdoor native village complex. Our songs and our rattles have voices in ceremonies.

We continue the customs that guided and sustained our ancestors, and draw on their strengths as we walk in our place in the sun.

The Great Oak has come to embody the identity and principles of the Pechanga Tribe: strength, wisdom, longevity and determination.

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Learn how Pechanga has relied on nature to heal and nourish our people.
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The Pechanga Cultural Center is committed to protecting historical sites and teaching our youth about our traditions.
Cultural Center