Pechanga Tribal Nation

Pechanga Tribal Council

The Pechanga Tribal Council consists of six members and one chairperson. General elections are held every two years. If a vacancy occurs, a special election is held to fill the vacant council position. The tribal council meets at least on a monthly basis, and reports to the General Membership (which meets at least once a month). The tribal council sets policies, administers government programs and executes the will of the General Membership. The General Membership, by law, must vote on all Pechanga Reservation land-use decisions.

The tribal chairperson and members of the council are charged
to uphold and enforce the Pechanga Band's Constitution, bylaws
and tribal ordinances. They are also responsible for upholding
the rights of each tribal member, without malice or prejudice.
The tribal council members are obligated to act always in the
best interest of the Pechanga Band.

We look forward to great growth and diversification of our tribal economy.
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